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68" longbow, 38# @ 28" draw.

-Eastern Red Cedar Limb Core

-Light Gray Glass Back and Belly

-Figured Shedua Riser

-Elk Antler and black phenolic     tip overlays

-Goat Leather Handle Wrap over slightly dished grip

-Beavertail rest/strike


$575 + shipping




64" Reflex Deflex Longbow 

-46# @ 28"

-Yew Veneers Back and Belly under clear glass

-Bamboo Limb core

-Black Walnut Riser

-Phenolic and Black Horn Tip Overlays

-Beavertail Grip 

$625 + Shipping


66" Reflex Deflex Longbow

-47# @ 28"

-Claro Walnut and Curly maple riser

-Myrtle Limb Veneers

-Bamboo Limb Core

-Sheep Horn tip and riser overlays


   $35 Shipping


64" Forward Handle Longbow

-53# @ 28"

-Bocote Riser

-Bamboo limb core

-Eastern Red Cedar Veneers

-Phenolic Tip Overlays


      $35 Shipping

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Austin, TX 78722

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