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Available in draw weights 65 

pounds and below. B50 string

Base Prices:

Osage Orange: $575

Yew: $650 

2 Piece: Add $175

*Limited 30 day warranty on self bows*



Standard bow Options

  • Draw weights up to 65 pounds

  • Right or Left Hand

  • Choice of black, white, green, gray, brown, caramel, clear fiberglass

  • Several riser woods to choose from

  • Phenolic tip overlays

  • Straight, dished, locator grip profiles

  • Deer hide leather handle wrap

  • Fast flight string

  • All bows are completed with a satin finish

Custom Order Desired draw weight: 

+/- 2 lbs. = No Charge

+/- 1 lb. = $25

+/- 0 lb. = $75

Additional Options:

  • Antler/ horn tip overlays -$50

  • Antler/ horn Riser Overlays - $75 per side

  • Riser Overlays - Fiberglass/ wood - $50 per side

  • Exotic wood /  laminated riser - varies

  • Exotic wood veneers -$50 and up

  • Beavertail Leather handle wrap (black, brown) - $60

  • Goat leather lace handle wrap - $15

  • Additional core laminations -$25 each

  • 2 piece take down fiberglass sleeve or bow bolt - $175

  • Snakeskin backing -copperhead or western diamondback- $250

  • Snakeskin cloth back/ camo cloth under clear glass - $75

Give a call to discuss the many options for your next custom bow!      Ryan - (508) 208-1123

**Not taking orders at this time. Thank you for the support.**


-$35 shipping per bow in the USA. This is not the international shipping rate. Please inquire for international shipping.

-Texas Residents add 6.25 % sales tax on bow total.

   *In Stock and Custom Bow Warranty and Return Policy*

-Warranty of 2 years to the original purchaser, against defects in materials and workmanship. Misuse, abuse, non use of a bow stringer all void the warranty.

-If you are not completely satisfied with your bow, you may return it for a refund, less a 10% restocking fee. This would need to be done within 7 days of receving the bow. I recommend USPS, UPS or FedEx shipping services. Any damage to a bow or loss in return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, to file a claim with the carrier.

Longbows: Welcome

Classic Curve Recurve

  • Lengths of 58", 60" and 62"

  • Locator or Straight Grip 

  • Phenolic Tip Overlays

  • Fast Flight String

The Classic Curve is available in a 1 piece and 2 piece takedown. Smooth, quiet, no handshock, the way any quality bow should be. Shelf is cut to center.

Base Price: $850

Forward Handle D Style Longbow

  • Bow lengths 62" to 68"                       (2" increments) 

  • Draw weights up to 65# at 28"

  • Right or Left Hand

  • Eastern Red Cedar or bamboo for the core

  • Choice of black, white, green, gray, brown, caramel, clear fiberglass

  • Several riser woods to choose from

  • Phenolic tip overlays

  • Straight or locator grip profiles

  • Fast flight string

  • Satin finish

Eastern Red Cedar Core: $700

Bamboo Core: $700

Relfex Deflex Longbow

  • Available in 64", 66" lengths

  • Locator Grip

  • Fast Flight String

Starting at $750

Classic D Style Longbow

Lengths 62", 64", 66", 68" and 70"

Bamboo or  Eastern Red Cedar Core: $700

Peccary Hyrid Longbow

The Peccary is a more extreme reflex deflex design longbow and features a forward positioned riser. 

-Lengths of 58", 60" and 6".

-Base Price: $750


Ocelot 3 piece Longbow

  • 16" riser

  • 60", 62' and 64" bow lengths

  • Fast Flight String

  • $895 base price

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